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Zynga Lays Off 314 Employees

This is painful news. As you probably already know, the US economy is kind of schizophrenic. Certain parts of the economy is just growing like gangbusters. If you don’t mind working in a very cold environment and dealing with natural gas and oil, you are sure to have a job in North or South dakota. If you have serious coding skills, you would have a job in San Francisco or the Bay Area with a hot tech company. However, if you are just like the rest of us, and you do product development or you write or you do data entry, and other jobs, things are looking quite bleak. You have to remember, more people have dropped out of the US job market and are no longer looking for jobs compared to people looking for jobs. If that isn’t a sad vote of confidence for the US economy’s health, I don’t know what is.

To add to the misery, social gaming company Zynga just laid off 314 employees. The vast majority of Zynga’s employees are video game veterans. These professionals came from companies like Electronic Arts. These people know how to make games. Well unfortunately it appears that Zynga feels that their skill sets don’t match where Zynga needs to go. It is obvious that Zynga needs to go into mobile gaming. Not console gaming, not traditional PC gaming but mobile gaming. That’s why it bought out Natural Motion and its gonna be taking on 260 employees from Natural Motion. Let’s face it. However, Zynga was bloated right after its IPO. It had 3,000 employees and a massive pay roll so the new CEO is just cutting back and really trying to position Zynga to be as healthy financially as possible while it tries to transform itself into a mobile gaming company. Best of luck to Zynga. Its success can mean additional jobs in the future. So we wish it all the best. Transitions are very hard, but they are possible if all chips fall in the right places.