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Yahoo Acquihire Trend Continues with Death of Donna

Donna is the personal assistant app created by Incredible Labs. Donna helps you to remember events and appointments that you are tracking. Also, the donna app gives you the information you need regarding the event like details, people that you meet, dial in information if there are phone numbers involved, even the travel time estimate for your meeting. Donna is built to be the end all be all of personal assistance. Well, Yahoo has bought out the company behind Donna and as a result Yahoo is scooping up four Incredible Labs team members. Yahoo has been very aggressive in boosting its mobile app workforce. It has, to date, bought out 31 companies in 2013. This is a great move on Yahoo’s part. As long as it doesn’t overpay for these companies, this is a great way to lock strategic people in as Yahoo works to grow its own base of mobile specific employees. Moreover, this is crucial to really adding a lot of texture to Yahoo’s mobile offerings. If this sounds like a mantra, it is. Mobile is the future. Yahoo is not dumb. It knows that the future of the Internet is in mobile technologies. Good move.