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Vinted Mobile App Helps You Unload Your Unwanted Clothes

Every person, whether man or woman, has unwanted clothes in the closet. In fact, you only know how much junk you’ve accumulated if you are forced to move. That’s why most Americans are forced to hold garage sales. Imagine buying something for 60 bucks, $50, or even $40, and then having to unload it at a garage sale for 2 bucks. Well, not everybody has a time to hold a garage sale. Moreover, people would rather get a little bit more money for clothes that they hardly wear but want to unload. Thanks to a new mobile app called Vinted, you get access to a mobile marketplace that specializes in second hand clothing.

Vinted is no joke. It just launched 27 millions dollars in funding for it’s second round. This is a great idea because it’s very easy to hold a mobile phone while going through different clothes in your closet. You can then put the pile of clothes that you want to sell on one pile and then start taking pictures with your camera and then loading them up along with a price on Vinted. This is a great approach to selling goods. This used to be a web application, but it got ported into a mobile app after it launched its first round of funding.

This is a great move on Vinted’s part because if you want people to sell their stuff, you need to give them as much freedom as possible in holding a mobile phone while taking pictures of clothes you no longer want. It’s definitely more convenient than having to work with a website. It is a very interesting marketplace, however, Vinted is hardly alone in its niche. It has many competitors. We are talking about: TheRealReal, Twice, Poshmark, Tradesey, and Threadtrip. Moreover, Vinted is more focused in Europe and the United States. It remains to be seen that this idea will truly take off.