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Privacy Advocates Are Pushing For A New Internet

If you are like us and have you been scared out of your wits by the recent string of revelations that the US government has been spying on, not just its citizens, but on people all over the world using the Internet? You are probably hoping and wishing that there was a better way to guard your online privacy. The short answer is there is none. The way the current Internet has been engineered is that you are pretty much a sitting duck. The way the technology protocols and the way the computers talk to each other are engineered without privacy protection in mind. You have to remember when the Internet first got invented, the biggest concern was whether the network can survive a nuclear war. In other words, they were focused mostly that the US DARPA, the US government defense agency that was responsible for the internet, was concerned primarily with data surviving. This is why regardless which computer you get on, if you send data to the other end of the planet, it will get there. Because even if it gets blocked, the internet looks like a global digital spider web and that data will bounce around the different sections of the web until it gets its destination. Pretty cool huh?!

Well, the problem is, they were so focused on nuclear safe data relay system that they forgot one important thing: Privacy. This is why the NSA can scoop up your information and you wouldn’t have a clue. This is why hacker can pretty much rape your data online and you would be clueless. A lot of privacy advocates are saying that maybe this is the time to reinvent how data is protected online. For example, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Do you notice that if you go on a payment page, the HTTP changes to HTTPS? That’s the secure socket layer. There’s all sorts of problems with that.

There are many ways hackers can fake you out and get your information. There’s all sorts of hidden vulnerabilities built into the Internet. This is why a lot of privacy champions are saying that maybe it’s time to come up with a safer Internet. Of course, there’s gonna be a lot of trade offs to that. Everybody and his dog has ideas as to building a better Internet. The same way, everybody has an idea regarding building a better mouse trap. The truth is, the Internet is not just technology.

The Internet is a big business network and if you try to make changes on one end, it will impact the other parts of the Internet. It’s not gonna be easy as people wish it would be. Like it or not, we are probably stuck with the same basic structure, unless, the powers that be agreed to an incremental overhaul of the underlying DNA of the Internet. If that’s gonna happen, it’s going to take quite a while. There’s gonna be a lot of in-fighting and there’s gonna be also a lot of money being lost which is going to fuel all the in-fighting.