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Pebble Manages To Stay Alive With Launch Of Pebble Appstore

You really have to admire the wearable wireless company Pebble. The big curse that hardware companies face when they are pretty much first to market or one of the first players in a fast growing industry is that technology can easily overwhelm them and they can get left behind. In many cases of hardware technology and innovation, it is not the first movers or even second movers that determine the final direction of the market. Instead, the existing big hardware manufacturers and big brands roll out their version and completely dominate the market. If you need proof, just look at the IBM PC and what it did to Apple too. There are many other examples of small hardware makers just getting swept aside by a tsunami created by a larger corporation. There’s a lot of tech fans who fear that this might happen to Pebble, the smart watch manufacturer.

Pebble is one of the first players in wearable watches technology that focuses on smart watches. Well, it looks like people who might think that Pebble will die soon in the wake of Samsung and other players will have a little bit longer, if not, wait forever because Pebble just released an appstore and it looks good. While the appstore could use apps, it is definitely a step in the right direction. The great thing about this system is that it works with both Android and iOS and works closely with your smart phone. You have to give Pebble some credit for a great fighting spirit. Moreover, it’s also giving its users a high level of customization through third party resources such as MyPebbleFaces. As we keep mentioning in these pages, the more diversity there is in the technology landscape, the better. We all hope that Pebble continues to grow and continues to build a solid product in light of intense competition in wearable wireless that is only sure to increase with each passing month.