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Will Metro Finally Disappear From windows 8.1′s Initial Screen?

When Windows 8 launched, a lot of long time Windows users got confused when they saw this tiled interface show up. We now know this interface as Metro. Metro is a touch-friendly interface. So if you are running Windows 8 on a touchscreen, you can play around with those tiles by moving them around, touching them, pointing at them, in other words, interacting with them like you would interact with app icons on your iPhone. Well it’s now clear that Google went ahead of itself and over extended itself. The market did not respond well with Windows 8. This is why Windows 8.1 got launched.

Now there are rumors that Metro might be demoted. In other words, when you boot Windows 8.1 you would see the very familiar Windows desktop. If this rumor does pan out, it would mean a complete retreat for Windows. It would mean a complete failure of the Metro strategy. Steve Ballmer’s grand vision, as we have reported many times before, was that Microsoft was supposed to be the gateway of all devices. Regardless of what device it is, it would be the gateway to the Internet, data processing, or what have you. So, whether you are accessing an ATM, some sort of electronic kiosk, a tablet, a smart phone, a computer, or a laptop, it will be Windows everywhere. More precisely, Windows 8. The vision is pretty much got clobbered by the market and these rumors are being spread around quite a bit. There’s a reason for rumors when it comes to technology. Either, there’s something happening or people want it. So, there’s a lot of clamor for the death of Metro. What a way to go for Steve Ballmer’s legacy.

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