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Is List Building Dead?

One of the oldest ways to make money is actually very simple. It’s like making money in the dark. One of the oldest ways to make money online is to build a list. Here’s how you do it. You buy information from a writer and then you build a website. There’s teaser information at the front. People have to keep clicking until they get to get to a deeper page. The deeper page builds up the anticipation of the reader until they get really excited about a particular piece of info. Once they get to that final page, they have to subscribe to a mailing list for them to get the final information. When they subscribe to the mailing list, the mailing list will send them updates. Again, the updates will feature information that they are looking for but get them excited about something else. If done right the sequence will produce buying opportunities that can make a lot of money. You can make money with each email you send. That’s how lucrative list building was. Unfortunately, many people abuse this model. The Internet was filled with all sorts of badly designed landing pages, scams, badly written content and all sorts of garbage. As a result, people get turned off when they see that they need to enter their email. Nine times out of 10 people just don’t put it their email address because they might think it’s a scam. It has become a sad joke.

Thankfully, list building is not dead. A lot of people are saying that it’s dead because of Google’s Gmail changes. No. Newsletter marketing really turns on the quality of the content. In other words, it turns on the ability of the newsletter operator to keep his or her word. If you produce quality, if you keep your word, if you are a person of integrity, you will always have a market. That’s the bottom line. Sadly, too many online marketers think of email marketing as a means and an end in of itself. In other words, they look at it in a very talismanic manner. That if they do certain things, money will appear. No. Life isn’t magic. Life doesn’t work that way. The reason people are putting money in your pocket is because they trust you. Instead of people building their traffic around their list, in other words, instead of dictating that the world serves their interest, list marketers would do well to build their lists around the actual needs of people. In other words, they have to go where the traffic develop relationships, develop solid brands and really listen to the target audience than to come up with a list marketing strategy that is based on relationships. Once you have a relationship with somebody, a relationship based on trust, you will make money forever. That is the good news. The sad news is most marketers have this get-rich quick mentality. They feel that every update they send has to zero in on some money-making deal, or else they’re just wasting your time. The reality is if you want to make money over the long haul, you have to establish a relationship that is never going out of style. That is never going to go away. Regardless of what Gmail, or Google or whoever else does.