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StartApp Reaches 1.5 Billion Downloads

If you’re looking for the next big mobile advertising hot story, this has to be it. StartApp is a startup company that produces mobile ads. What makes their platform interesting is that it is embedded in many other apps. So, the more of those apps are downloaded, the more they can be monetize by StartApp. This is a great business model because StartApp doesn’t have to promote itself. The apps that carry it promote themselves and it basically just takes a ride on their popularity. Well, it appears that this strategy is working. In the 18 months it’s been around, the company has grown its results by 10 times. What are we talking about? 1.5 billion downloads, 200 million daily impressions, 70,000 installs. Serious business folks!

In the fast-moving mobile ad space, presence is key. You have to be present everywhere. The mobile advertising space is moving so fast and changing so fast that it can easily change. As a result, companies that try to make money off mobile advertising need to be very, very versatile and quick. Most importantly, they have to have a huge base and it appears that StartApp is doing well. In fact, its adoption rate is nothing sort of explosive. Regardless, it still has its work cut out for it because its competitor, AdMob, already has close to 40% of all the apps on Android locked down. So, as we keep mentioning in these pages, the more diversity there is in many particular technology marketplace, the better. Why? Better choices for consumers. The last thing you want is a technology monopoly.