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Is Apple Going To Move Into The Healthcare Space?

The health care industry is huge. We are talking about one-sixth of the US economy. That’s a huge chunk. It appears Apple wants to take a bite off that industry. Well, according to industry rumors, the Cupertino-based hardware giant is in talks regarding entering the mobile medical application space. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has a public calendar where Apple is scheduled to meet with FDA officials. This is gonna be very interesting. Apple is under a lot of pressure because it hasn’t had a hit product after Steve Jobs passed away. Moreover, it hasn’t have a new hit product ever since Steve Jobs passed away. The last Big Bang out of Apple is the launch of the iPad. Moreover, it looks like it might be continuing to lose income on the sales of its iPod. However, since iPod sales are less than 1 billion dollars, it seems that Apple is pretty much at peace with letting that part of its business go. Why? The iPhone basically cannibalized the iPod. Why would any body want buy an iPod when you could get all the features of the iPod plus a million more features when you buy an iPhone?

Due to this reality, along with increasing competitive pressure from Android-based smart phones and tablets, it is not surprising that Apple is rumored to be working on health care application initiative. Dubbed iWatch, this app is suppose to help with weight loss related issues as well as blood pressure and glucose levels. It remains to be seen if this is just one of those deep company projects that never progresses past the prototype level, or an outright hoax, or the real deal.