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Instagram Blew Up in 2013

A lot of people broke their necks when Facebook announced that it was buying Instagram, a 13 person company, for 1 billion dollars. This was right around the time Facebook became a public company. Well, it appears that that move wasn’t so crazy after all. Instagram is just blowing up in terms of users. It has 200 million active accounts. In fact, its rate of growth isn’t slowing down. To make sure that it doesn’t slow down, Instagram rolled out an obligatory Windows phone version. As you already know, it doesn’t have to do that since Windows phone is a tiny blip in the smart phone marketplace. Regardless, it appears that Instagram doesn’t want to take any chances. After all, Windows phone is showing some signs of improvement in the European marketplace. Be that as it may, Instagram is huge. It has over 200 million active users, and it is one of the biggest brands out there and the question remains is when Fcebook will become more aggressive in making money off Instagram. At this stage of the game, it appears that Facebook is grooming Instagram to gain as much traffic as possible before it starts looking into revenue generation.