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Google Lost Quite a bit of Money from its Motorola Operations

Last quarter, Google lost 384 million dollars from its Motorola operations. A lot of critics of Google would definitely be happy with this revelation. After all, not too many critics understood the wisdom of Google’s buying floundering hardware company. Regardless of the fact that it is one of the most recognized brands in mobile phone technology. Apparently, Google is on the record as saying that it bought the company primarily for its patents not because it wanted to get into the mobile hardware business. Be that as it may, Google racked up 384 million dollars in operating lose from Motorola. On the bright side of things, Motorola made 1.24 billion dollars in revenues. Still, a lot of people are saying this is still bad news because the previous year, Motorola had a revenue of 1.51 billion. The truth is that regardless of the many innovations done at Motorola, especially innovations embodied by its Moto X brand, it’s still not ready for prime time. It’s still losing. That why it’s a good idea in the minds of many people for Google to sell its Motorola business to Lenovo. So, goodbye to Motorola and the best of luck to Lennovo turning this brand around.