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3D Printing Gets a Boost with First Mutual Fund Specialist

You know that you’ve achieved some level of credibility when a mutual fund has come out on record as specializing in a particular type of technology. 3D printing as we keep mentioning on these pages is the next big thing. How big? Instead of you going to the store to buy, let’s say, a fax machine, you can just buy a 3D printer and scan your friend’s fax machine and make an exact copy. This copy doesn’t just look like your friend’s fax machine but actually work like your friend’s fax machine. Now think about that for computers. Think about that same process for medicine. Think about that same process for furniture. That’s how crazy 3D printing is shaping up to be. Right now, 3D printing, of course, is at the stage of its development where it can only make models. If you have a nice-looking ball, you can scan that ball and you would have an exact same replica that works like the ball. Big deal. But the technological DNA is already there where instead of having to go to the store paying a lot of money, you can just scan things to create an exact copy. This will revolutionize wealth in the world. Seriously. There are many third-world countries that are missing certain products, equipment due to lack of capital. Imagine being able to just clone that and give them those means. It can actually redistribute wealth. It can redistribute technology. It can change the world. That is the grand vision for 3D printing and there are movements to get there. 3D printing has now evolved to the point where it can really produce nice-looking 3D prints but that’s just the beginning. That’s actually just a baby step. We’re talking about fully functioning machine copies in the future.

Well it looks like the 3D printing has moved beyond the stage of hype. Big money has now recognized 3D printing as technology trend and is putting money where its mouth is. Introducing the 3D printing technology fund, this is the technology fund that specializes in 3D printing. According to the head of this fund, Allan Meckler, 3D printing is where the Internet was back in 1994. Back in 1994, everybody’s heard about the Internet. It was like a big buzz word. Everybody was excited about it, but they didn’t really know how it worked, and they didn’t really know how it would truly change the world. Now, we’re in 2014, 20 years later and it just really boggles the mind how the Internet has completely destroyed the old world. That is where 3D printing is now. 3D printing is in 1994 right now. In 20 years, the world would be completely different. Typhoon victims that don’t have any clothes only need to have a 3D printing and maybe a solar power source of electricity to print clothes, print even food. Can you imagine that? That’s how awesome 3D printing is and it’s a really great news that 3D printing and technology fund is in business to invest in such companies.