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Is E-commerce Coming To Twitter?

One of the biggest concerns that investors were regarding to Twitter’s IPO boils down to dollars and cents. Where’s the money gonna come from? Twitter is basically another ad-funded social network site. Big deal, says many investors. Still, its stock is still high up there and a lot of people are wondering when the stock will crash because, really, the company is an advertising play. This type of question has been swirling around Twitter for a long time. In fact, any content based Internet company will always these types of questions swirling around it. Let’s face it, advertising is a fairly shallow business model. It’s also susceptible in the general economy.

E-commerce, on the other hand, allows more cushion, especially, if a particular platform’s value is well demonstrated. In a round about way, it looks like e-commerce might be coming to Twitter. Again, this is all speculative. However, unlike other speculative news that you may come across, this is actually based on a mock up on a site called shows e-commerce mock ups showing a payment process from a tweet all the way to the final payment form. This is quite interesting because one of the co-founders of Twitter and its chairman, Jack Dorsey, is also a board member at Fancy that. Coincidence?

Moreover, the whole process is powered by an e-commerce company called Stripe. Apparently, Stripe has been rumored to be Twitter’s potential e-commerce partner. Is this just an internal project that might fail? Is this just wishful thinking over at We don’t know. There’s no official pronouncement yet regarding e-commerce at Twitter. Regardless, if you are a stock holder of Twitter and if this pans out, this could be great news. At least, this adds a little meat to the hype inflating Twitter’s stock.