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Google Stock Split Finally Approved

Google first launched in 2004 at the almost unbelievable price of 85 bucks per share. Of course, the price of the stock was bid up almost as soon as the company went public and it didn’t stay at 85 bucks per share. Still, even at 200 dollars or even 300 dollars in hindsight, Google would have still been a great deal. Why? Google is now the undisputed leader in search engines and in key arts of the technology landscape. In particular, Google is really making a name for itself for its Android system. It’s only going to be a matter of time until it fully makes money of Android. When that happens, it is going to be making money as the biggest smartphone platform on the planet. Not too bad for a company that launched at 85 bucks a share.

Indeed, Google has its finger in many pies. It is branching out into robotics. It’s branching out into venture capital. It’s branching out into all sorts of technologies even home-based electronics. It’s even ventured into hardware. Regardless the stock market has rewarded Google 85 dollars that you would have had to spend to buy 1 share of Google back in 2004. That one share is now worth 1,135 dollars. Not too shabby.As you can well imagine, a lot of investors don’t want to be trading such huge numbers. They’d like to have the stocks split. Usually this is the practice if a stock gets too expensive, it gets split so there would be more market demand and the market would bid it up, and then it gets split again. This is why Microsoft made many millionaires. Even if you were like the janitor of Microsoft when Microsoft just launched, if you were given a measly amount of stocks when Microsoft just launched, you would have been a millionaire because the stocks split so many times. Apparently, this is what investors want to do with Google’s stock. Considering that its trading at 1,135, it’s definitely time to split the stock. The good news is that the stock split has been approved, and it will take the form of two shares of stock. You would get a class A share and then a class C stock. This will begin trading in April 3. Congratulations to Google stock holders.