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Web Conversion Theories are Often Wrong

You don’t have to read a lot of online marketing and Internet marketing blogs to get a clear idea of what the conventional knowledge is on making more money online. According to conventional knowledge, if you want to convert a traffic into cold hard cash in your wallet, you have to have a simpler site, the buy button has to be larger, so on and so forth. Well, the truth is all this is just theory. All this is just a speculation done by self-proclaimed experts. The truth is when it comes to converting traffic, whether paid for or free into cold hard cash, there is only one metric. That metric is the amount of money your client makes. That’s it. In other words, it’s situational. You have to look at each case on a situational basis. Each case is different.

The problem with most online marketing forums and online marketing blogs is that they try to come up with these best practices that are supposed to work for the majority of cases. The reality in marketing is that if you shoot for the majority, you basically end up with crumbs. Instead of even getting average performance, you basically walk away with close to nothing. This much is being revealed by current discussions and symposiums and conferences by online marketing professionals. This should not be surprising considering the blood bath many online marketers experience with the recent Google updates. I am of course talking about Google Panda, Penguin, and the Hummingbird. The name of the game really is customization. Forget about what you’ve heard. Forget about what the other guys are doing. Focus on what you’re doing and the results you’re capable of getting. In other words, pay attention to your traffic. There is a revolution going on in Internet marketing. Instead of looking to all these gurus to have all the answers, which can turn out to be just garbage, the focus should be on what you’re doing and paying attention to your actual traffic patterns. In other words, work with what you’ve got. This may seem anticlimactic, but this is where the web is going. The window of opportunity is closing regarding getting lucky.

For the longest time, there was so much traffic and so much conversion opportunities people had the luxury of being lucky. Now, with traffic dwindling, thanks to all these crack downs, both at Facebook, Google and else where marketers are really being forced to put their thinking caps and most importantly putting their feeling caps on. You have to feel out your traffic. It’s fast becoming clear that instead of building your traffic around your website it should be the other way around.