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Uber Ramps Up its Gain by Rolling out Asian Pacific Strategy

Ride-sharing service Uber is moving to the Asian-pacific market and is doing it in typical over grand fashion. The company is set to rule out in the following markets Tokyo, Taipei, Sydney, Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Seoul, New Delhi, Melbourn, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Hyderabad, Guangzhou, and Bangalore. We are not talking about a soft launch here folks. We’re talking swaying for the fences. Since this is Uber, we are talking about we don’t expect anything less. This company is on fire. It raised tons of money, and chances are it may go IPO this coming year or soon after. As we have mentioned earlier Uber better a launch soon because there might be a perfect storm in regard to the stock market. As we’ve mentioned earlier weakness in the China debt market due to debt defaults, as well as, the possible further unwinding of the Quantitative Easing by the US Federal Reserve and backsliding of the economy in the United States might produce a perfect storm where quantitative of easing, and all other central banks shenanigans will simply not up to the job.