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SoundCloud Reportedly Closed 60 million-dollar Funding

The youtube of audio files soundcloud gets replenished with new funds to take it to a new height.

The youtube of audio files soundcloud gets replenished with new funds to take it to a new and higher cloud.

Imagine a You Tube for audio files? You don’t have to imagine anymore SoundCloud is one of the biggest players in that space. If you are an independent and unsigned band, you can upload your music to SoundCloud so you could reach and cultivate a wider market. This is the most obvious use of SoundCloud. However, there are other ways to use SoundCloud. You can use it for academic purposes like uploading teacher’s dictations or study group dictations. If you are a company, you could upload meeting recordings. There’s just so many audio recordings you can upload to SoundCloud. SoundCloud is popular because it works just like You Tube. People can share the audio files. People can embed the audio files. You can annotate your audio files. Interestingly enough, you can also sell your work on SoundCloud. There is an e-commerce tie into this. We suspect that if SoundCloud truly takes off, and enough people sign on to this way of sharing audio content, this may impact the music industry in a dramatic way.

The music industry is kind of hard headed when it comes to technological changes. It almost has to wait until the last hour and see the handwriting on the wall before it is forced to get off its fat ass and do something and get on with the times. Well, we hope SoundCloud will fully develop. And according to wall street journal sources, it got 60 million dollars in help trying to bring that new future to reality. Let’s hope that this project succeeds because the audio market and the way audio content is sold and distributed definitely needs to be revolutionized further.

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