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Somebody Improperly Shared Your Stuff? Do This

It happens all the time. You may be running a blog, or you may have a picture website or you may be posting of your art on-line. Regardless of what you’re doing, you are posting your work on-line. You own the rights to your work. You want to protect your rights. Sadly, people on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or whatever social network had taken your materials and run off with it. They may have made your materials famous, but you’re not gonna make money of your materials because everybody and his dog is copying your stuff. What can you do? After your tears have dried, the first thing you can do is to go to the Electronic Copyright Office. This is found at The great thing about this website is that it streamlines the copyright protection process. You have to pay a fee. It’s 35 dollars, but it will step you through the process of registering your work so you can prove that you actually own the copyrights to that work. Once you have uploaded the copy of the material you want to copyright, you can then go to the social media networks where your copyrighted work is being pirated and illegally shared. Most of these websites have standardized forms that ask for information regarding your rights ownership. Once you have registered your rights to your work, you can then get the necessary information to supply to social media sites. This is a bit of a hasle but if you want to make money off your work, you have to go through this hurdle.