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Conception Helping App Now Helps You Prevent Pregnancy

One of the most interesting apps out there is Glow. This app helps boost your fertility. If you’re trying to conceive a baby, you know how hard it is to time your conception efforts right. Typically, the human female is fertile only for a very short period of time every single month. If you miss this of window of opportunity, you have to wait until next month to try again. This can be very very trying and could be quite difficult if you are just paying attention to your body and using a typical paper calendar. Glow is a mobile app that helps automate the process so that it can give you the information you need along with the right notifications so you can time your conception efforts properly. You and your partner need to act at the right time to coincide with your ovulation cycle.

Ever since it launched in 2013, the app has always supported women who are trying to conceive or women who are considering pregnancy. Now, the app can also be use by women who are trying not to conceive. Why would somebody want to use this app instead of just using birth control pills or condoms? There are many people who for religious reasons don’t use any artificial contraception. Instead, they use the rhythm method. However, the rhythm method is only as good as your memory and as well as your note book or other devices you use to keep track of your natural cycle. If you mess that up, you can get pregnant. Glow now have options and information that unable you to not conceive. This is a great approach because it actually broadens the market of this app.