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The Rise of Native Advertising

For the longest time, online advertising has been built on a disruption model. The disruption model is very easy to explain. You are reading a web page, and you are enjoying the content, and then you see an ad that is designed in a way to catch your eye. In other words, the ad is intended to disrupt whatever it is that you are doing. The idea is that when you are disrupted, your attention is captured, and then you can focus your attention to the message the ad brings to the table. This is traditional advertising. There are, of course, right and wrong ways to do disruption advertising. The best from of disruption advertising is to appeal to your internal needs and appeal to emotional hot buttons to get you clicked.

As awesome as disruption ads maybe, there is a fast-rising alternative. The alternative is native advertising. Native advertising turns on a different assumption. The assumption is that when you are looking at a particular piece of content, and you are interested in that content, you are looking for related content. Native advertising, essentially, becomes part of the content. It flows with the existing content that you are enjoying. As a result, if you like the content that you are viewing and would like to learn more, you would want to click the ad. The advantage of native advertising is that it flows with how convincing or how effective the content that your reading is. In other words, the ad benefits from the filtering done by the content itself. Let’s face it if the content sucks and you’re not interested in it, you are going to bounce out. However, if the content does a good job of retaining your attention, the native advertising benefits from the great job the content is doing. And this is precisely the disadvantage of native advertising. It turns on the effectiveness of the content. Let’s face it, not everybody is good at generating high-quality content. Not surprisingly, most websites have really high bounce rates. This is the measurement of how quickly people click the back button or close the window after they land on a certain page.

Native advertising basically favors websites that have a great content. Native advertising have a loyal reader base. This is a key thing to have in mind when you are trying to buy certain types of ads. Native ads can only work in a certain context. However, it remains to be seen if the ad clicks on those ads actually produce a higher rate of conversion into either sales, email captures or paid add clicks.