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The Future of Digital Content: All-You-Can-Consume

You have to hand it to Netflix. Netflix really opened our minds to the future of digital content. It used to be that if you wanted to watch a movie, you’d run down to Blockbuster, get those bulky tapes, handover your money, go back to your home, flap the video tapes into your VCR and enjoy. Things change a little bit with the switch over to DVDs, but it was pretty much exactly the same routine. Well, things really changed for the better when you didn’t have to leave home. All you needed to do was get on Netflix, see the movies on offer, click a button and that movie was streamed directly to your TV. How awesome is that?

This is the future of digital content. The future is not so much that you can enjoy the digital form of the content on a piece meal basis. The future is that with one subscription, you would have access to all sorts of digital titles. You only need to have one subscription, one payment, and you can enjoy all that content. Compare this with the bad old days of video tapes, you had to shell out three bucks for each tape that you’re gonna watch or DVDs the same thing. Netflix really open people’s minds to how people can enjoy digital content. There is a music version of this in the form of Spotify, Rdio and others using your mobile phone or tablet. Well, it appears that the all you can consume business model has translated into the world of books. A start-up company called Oyster allows you with a 10 dollar a month simple subscription to access 100,000 book titles. If you love reading books, this is the buffet you’ve been waiting for. Just like with Netflix, you can watch all sorts of movies that Netflix features, for one simple fee. The same is now possible with books. Oyster is not alone, we do see this as a trend to all digital content. Welcome to the brave new world. The real winner here? You got it, the consumer.