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Nintendo Reportedly Working on Console Replacements

Nintendo experienced their peak during the era of the NES console, it looks alot darker in the year of 2014. The latest news is Nintendo's new project called fusion.

Nintendo experienced their peak during the era of the NES console, it looks alot darker in the year of 2014. But the latest news is Nintendo’s new project for the next-gen consoles called Fusion Terminal and Fusion DS which will hopefully turn things for the better.

As we have reported earlier, Nintendo reported a massive loss regarding its operations. A lot of people were thinking that the CEO should be replaced. While it appears that even with that bad piece of earning news, Nintendo still decided to retain its CEO. The real news is that the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo, both in its console and portable form, are simply not cutting it. A lot of industry observers are saying that there is a big disconnect between what the market wants and what Nintendo’s ambition is for that particular market. This is not a surprising problem. In a very real sense, whenever you are designing products for a particular market, you are engaged in reading the minds of your target audiences. If you get the signals wrong, you’re going to produce products and services that are just gonna miss the mark and while the Nintendo Wii turned a lot of heads when it first rolled out several years ago, it has essentially been eclipsed by the Playstation and the Xbox. That’s the reality. Nintendo can always try to look back at its golden years of the Nintendo NES systems and all the things that it has done for the industry, but that’s not gonna pay the bills. That’s not going to make Nintendo stock viable again.

Apparently, somebody at Nintendo got the memo and the company is working on the next-generation console for the well respected but vulnerable company. The new project is supposed to be called fusion. This is a very telling name. Apparently, the idea is that the console and the portable will be developed jointly and it’s basically going to provide some sort of seamless experience between the portable and the console. This is great news for us here at eReviewGuide and similar blogs and networks. Why? The more players in a particular market, the more vibrant that market would be. The last thing that you would want is for either Playstation or Xbox to be the only player in the console market.

Accordingly, the fusion portable will be using ARM technology while the console will be using AMD technology. It remains to be seen what the specifications of the new system will be. Regardless, Nintendo has its work cut out for it. It has to find a way to convincingly step out of the shadow of its two biggest competitors.

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