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StopIt Mobile App Seaks to End Online Bullying

If you had people try to bully you online by posting garbage about you or people on Facebook giving you a hard time, you may have a new and powerful mobile weapon called StopIt. This app helps parents, schools, and students put an end to one of the oldest forms of child abuse in existence. I am of course talking about bullying.

The sad fact about bullying is that a society has moved on to the Internet. The Internet has essentially poured gasoline into old bullying tactics. In fact, it made it a lot worst because, previously, if you are being bullied physically, chances are, there are not that many people watching you get bullied and humiliated. When people bully you online, they can use the power of social media to spread the word exponentially about the shame, pain, and personal humiliation you’re going through.

Thankfully, there is an app that has been released to help you combat bullying. In fact, it has the potential of stopping bullying at its roots. The root of bullying is that when people think they’re gonna get away with a particular online behavior, they will engaged on that behavior. If you have a means to stop them right after they engage that behavior, chances are, they might stop. This is precisely what StopIt is trying to do. This is a much better approach, in our estimation, than other anti-bullying technologies. Those technologies focus on monitoring kids. This can of course ran head long into all sorts of privacy concerns. StopIt is available on the android and IOS platforms.

How does StopIt works? First, it allows the user to capture offensive material that has been posted against the user. The bullied kids can quickly capture this information just by clicking the StopIt button. Moreover, once they capture offensive materials, it gets forwarded to authorized adults. Once the report is sent, the bully gets a return message. The bully gets a very strong message that you says, “better stop harassing me and be on notice that school officials are on notice regarding your behavior.” The ap also has a house built-in methods to help ap users, help students that are being bullied and when you see bullying in action, you can send anonymous report. Finally, the app also has a report it button. If bullying has reached a very dangerous level you can flag it, so evidence get sent to right adult even to law enforcement. This is a great ap and there’s a big need for it. Why? Over 160,000 children skip out on school every single year because on bullying incident. This is a great news.