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Pinterest Activates GIFs on Boards

GIFs are one of those things on the Internet that you either hate or love. There is almost no middle ground. Either you like those animated GIFs of Nicholas Cage laughing that people post when they try to laugh at somebody else’s forum post, or you cringe every time you see it. GIFs can pack a lot of emotions in a Facebook thread or in a forum post. They are especially powerful when it comes to forum discussion. Thanks to their animation, they pack more than the thousand words a picture supposedly speak. That’s how powerful GIFs are. That’s why it’s a quite big news when Pinterest announced that it’s now completely supports GIFs. It appears that many of Pinterest users have been requesting GIFs for a long time. Now the company has announced that it will be fully supporting it. This is great news because for the longest time, the images on Pinterest have been flat and static. They are basically just graphical markers for the websites that this images link to. Now, you can see all sorts of activity from twerking, people laughing, people falling off, even people getting killed. Thanks to GIFs.

While, on the one hand, this is a going to add a lot more activity to Pinterest and make it more visually appealing, on the other hand, it can open the flood gates to just offensive video captures that the people shouldn’t see. One of the most disturbing GIFs I’ve ever seen, personally, is a GIFs capture of a sequence where a drunk driver hit a channeling fence, possibly killing several people. It took several days to get that image off my mind. Nobody should be able to see that kind of graphic material without a warning. Anyway, like it or not, GIFS are on Pinterest. Get ready for it.