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New Google Patent Might Give You a Free Taxi Ride to the Store

Imagine doing price comparison online. Let’s say you’re searching for shoes. You find a store and you look among several models of the same shoes. You find the lowest price at a particular store after the calculation, you say an ad that says, get a free cab to that store. Well assuming that Jeff Bezos of Amazon fails in his dream of drones delivering your shoes directly to your store a few hours after you order it or assuming that Amazon’s patent simultaneously shipping your shoes while your shopping for your shoes fail, you could rely on Google to send you free taxi. That’s right. According to the most recent Google patent filing, Google wants a patent for being able to send you a free taxi ride after you’ve seen certain ads where your savings are calculated in front of you. In other words, after you’ve done some price comparison on those shoes that you’re looking for an ad will show up, this ad will show up after you zeroed in the amount of money you will be saving. Why file this patent? It seems kind of crazy. A lot of critics might say that it’s downright goofy. The truth is, sale is all about psychology. Many of the best salesmen don’t have the best deals. If you’re looking for the best deals, nine times out of ten, you wouldn’t be shopping the way you’re shopping. There’s something else that happens. It’s all about psychological buttons. And when you see a free taxi ride after you’ve calculated your potential purchase online, there is a psychological button being pressed. You might think your getting some value. In the real world of sales, perceived value is as important as the real value. And that is the real value of this patent filing by Google.