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Social Media in a Nation of Serial Switchers

If you thought people had short attention spans regarding your website, you haven’t seen anything yet. That same shortness of attention and fickleness extends to how people spend their money on-line. Modern on-line consumers easily jump from one brand to another. Online customers are very very hard to satisfy if you’re going to judge satisfaction based on their willingness or ability to stick with one particular product, model, or brand. This is just the reality of the new digital marketplace. Considering the fact that mobile devices make it much easier to go from website to website and online experience to another, you can easily see where this is all headed. Things are not gonna get any better when it comes to brand attention span and brand loyalty. This is precisely the impression one gets when one reads the latest report by a cloud contact center vendor NewVoiceMedia. What’s worst is that according to the report, if people switch because they are unhappy with your product, they are more than happy to get back at you by blogging negatively about you, leaving negative feedback or talking crap about you, via tweets or Facebook posts.

This is bad news to anyone who wishes to build a solid on-line brand. This is bad news to anyone who wants to maintain and grow an on-line business. Wait, it gets even worst. According to the report, nearly 60% of a particularly important demographic, the 25 to 34-year-old range, are the most willing to get back at you through negative social media comments. The good news is that you can use social media to show appreciation when people buy from you. Moreover by offering them many ways to get in touch with you if they are unhappy with whatever it is that you are selling, you can turn them around and turn them into loyal customers. The bad news is that people aren’t very faithful at all when it comes to loyalty. It only takes a few changes, an update or a lower price for them to jump shift. Watch your back if you are managing an online brand.