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Private Social Network Path Launches on Windows Phone

Path the privacy concerned social network now launched on Windows Phone.

Path the privacy concerned social network now launched on Windows Phone.

As we have mentioned earlier, the startup company, Path, is on a path to something very different when it comes to social networking. Usually when you hear the phrase social networking, you think of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest. When you go on these websites, it is not uncommon to see people who are friends with thousands of people or have thousands, if not millions, of followers. But not Path. Path is all about private social networks, which is a very interesting approach to the social networking business and promotions model. Facebook and Twitter have tremendous promotions capabilities and Path might still have but in a very different way.

Since you are limited to 150 contacts, you have to be, by necessity, more selective of who you become friends with. This places a premium on social intimacy, trust and confidence in your friend network. Whenever you have that high level of trust, whatever commercial messages are sent through that network has a higher likelihood of being taken seriously. This is why we think Path maybe on to something when it comes to marketing capabilities. However, it’s still in its early stages of adoption and the company probably still needs to evolve its product through at least several cycles before its product can really live up to its fullest commercial potential.

Still, Path is making sure that it covers the main app platforms and has launched its Windows phone version. While this version is still in Beta, we have no doubts that it’s going to finish the Beta process fairly quickly and come up with an official version for Windows phones. Considering the huge privacy issues that people often have with Facebook, we wouldn’t be surprised if Path becomes a big hit in the very near future.