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Coming to 3D Printers Near You: 3D Printed Fetuses

To print a fetuse in 3D might seem weird to some but there's a specific clientele for these things.

To print a fetus in 3D might seem weird to some but there’s a specific clientele for these things.

If you’re an expecting parent, you would know the anxiety and excitement of trying to figure out what your baby would look like. Sadly, a lot of ultra sound services available aren’t just up for the job – you want to be able to see the exact appearance of your baby, and take a look the complete body of your baby. But, many ultra sound scans just show a part of the picture. Even in the state of the art 4D ultra sound technology, they do so little justice compared to how beautiful your baby really is in the flesh. If your baby is still a few weeks away or even a couple of months away but you cannot wait to see a full body image of your baby, so why not order 3D printed fetuses?

This company takes scans of your baby and uses a 3D printer to print your baby. It will produce a replica that looks exactly like your soon-to-be born child. While many parents would find this creepy or unnecessary, this technology has one very obvious target market: parents who have difficulties having a child. If you have been married and have problems in having a child, you would gladly pay the 600 USD fee to see the child that you have waited for so long. Your child is in that developmental stage only once in his or her life. So if you want to capture this special memory, you might want to contact this company making 3D babies.

A little bit more on 3D printing, though. If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time, you’d notice that we’ve spent quite a bit of digital ink covering 3D printing. Why we are excited in it? 3D printing will enable you to scan objects and come up with an exact replica of that object in the flesh. Currently, the real excitement with 3D printing is several years in the future.
Imagine buying a computer and then scanning through your 3D printer and coming up with another computer that looks like exactly like it and maybe even working just like it. Many people are saying that this is the next or maybe the 3rd or 4th step in 3D printing technology. We are talking about 3D printing that actually produces working or replicas of objects that you scan. In fact, there are moves regarding the 3D printing technology. That’s how powerful 3D printing will be – it will be like the DVD copying machine for devices.

So, if you want to copy your IPhone, just run it in a 3D printer. If you want replicate a chair that your friend has, run it in a 3D printer. I know it sounds like pipe dream but that’s exactly the attitude people had regarding the first personal computer. So, expect to get your sock blown off once 3D printing really takes off. Instead of having to rush to a store and pay a lot of money you can actually borrow from your friend and have the item 3D-printed. This can really change the definition of wealth and material abundance the world over.

The most exciting about it is its impact on the developing world. If you think the economy quality is harsh right now, imagine the solutions of the 3D printing can bring to the table. Hunger might just even be solved if you have the 3D printing: just scan and print a fruit – imagine that!