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Securety Pushback Leads to Android “Blackphone” Project

Who wouldn’t be paranoid after reading through all the revelations regarding the NSA? NSA has been pulling all sorts of digital snooping and communication shenanigans the world over. Regardless of who you are, the NSA might have been tracking you. In fact, even if you’re very wealthy or very powerful, that is no defense against NSA. After all, this is the same USA government agency that successfully tapped the mobile phone of the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel. Talk about being bold and scary.

This is why NSA has been under a lot of hot water lately among politicians in the United States. The people have become fed up in this snooping and have become scared about the amount of information that this government agency controls. Who knows the extent of their spying activities? Who knows what they would do with this data? You don’t want to be put in the situation you are the last person to know that you’re under government investigation.

Amidst all this concern and anxiety is some news that the creator of Ultra Secure Email Encryption System PGP is working on a very interesting project. He has been working on the Zimmermann, which is working on the very secure encryption of mobile phones. This should give many people some peace of mind. The last thing that you want to find out is that is your call and text messages are being intercepted.

Called “blackphone”, this android-based device is going to be a privacy protector for people. It allows you to video chat anonymously, browse websites privately, and, more importantly, it prevents tracking and tracing, making your files completely secure.
Sounds like a pipe game? Seriously, another thing thatis very interesting with this device is that it will be independent of your phone carrier and vendor. Once it will be unlocked, it would become very interesting if the Blackphone Project provided an attraction. But then, with the amount of government fines lately, it sure will find its way to a ready market.