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Twitter Product Head Honcho Leaves the Company

Usually, when you start seeing top executives of a company hitting the exits, it’s usually not a good sign. Well, it appears that the recent announcement of the departure of Michael Sippey from Twitter might not fall into that classic mold of an executive exodus. Usually, an executive exodus is a massive red flag because it’s very similar to rats leaving a sinking ship. By all indications, Twitter, at least from an investors stand point, is not a sinking ship. After all, its stock price is going crazy recently. People who bought into Twitter are, at least on paper, doing quite well.

It appears that Michael Sippey’s departure from Twitter is quite similar to what happens to many large companies. Once a company goes through a major change and, in this case, when Twitter became a publicly-owned company, some executives see that as a sign to move on.
Still, Michael Sippey did leave a quite a big impact on Twitter being the person that has played the major role in the design of the product. If you are a big Twitter fan and you use Twitter a lot, you can credit Mr. Sippey for a lot of the user interface and the user interaction on Twitter. Moreover, he was also the architect of Twitters buyout of six-second video company Vine. Vine is, by, all accounts, quite a nice acquisition for Twitter. It is getting a lot of usage and has brought a lot of value to the company.

It remains to be seen what Michael Sippey’s next project would be. Usually, creative people like this quickly set up shop elsewhere. His leaving might become a big loss for the 140-character micro-blogging company by the San Francisco Bay.

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