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Tizen OS Failed Launch Highlights OS Duopoly

In the technology landscape and in any other marketplace for that matter, diversity is crucial. The more players you have in the market, the lower the price, and more importantly, the more options you have. Many things can happen and the more options and alternatives you have, the better. Unfortunately, having alternatives present at all involves a lot of money. For an alternative to even exist means that the company behind that alternative had to forego other alternatives. This is precisely what the Japan’s mobile phone provider, Docomo, is in. People aren’t exactly happy with the fact that there are only two major flavors in smartphones, Android and Apple’s IOS while, of course, Microsoft Windows phone is technically a player, although not much in Asia.

The whole idea of a third OS is quite appealing to the biggest manufacturer of branded Android phones, namely Samsung. But it appears that Samsung’s day hasn’t come when it comes to an alternative OS because its much hope for Tizen OS alternative isn’t seeing the light of day. The Tizen OS smartphone was canceled by Japan’s Docomo. Japan’s reason? There’s just isn’t enough space for a third OS. Quite a letdown for observers of the Tizen ? Samsung has massive plans for the Tizen OS. It is supposed to be the operating system that will not just power your smartphone but also handle other gadgets like cars, laptops, TV’s, camera’s, you name it. Let’s just hope this is not the last time we hear of Tizen.

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