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Microsoft opens Chinese Open Technology offers

Microsoft? Open source? Normally you wouldn’t see these two phrases together in one sentence unless it is Microsoft calling open source into question or open source activists denouncing Microsoft.
But, in the cloud computing space, it seems that this system is rapidly fading in the rear view mirror of most enterprises. If you want to become more incredible in the cloud computing and cloud services space, you have to offer some serious open source and proprietary options.

Heterogeneity is the name of the game in cloud computing and since China is the world’s fastest growing cloud computing market, it makes all the sense in the world for Microsoft to open its technology offers in Shanghai. By offering technology options in the fast-growing Chinese market, Microsoft can sow the seeds of the Chinese market dominance. You have to remember that the Chinese are often wary of foreign brands dominating their markets. By forging an early relationship with open technology offer, Microsoft can go a long way in situating itself that regardless of how China’s cloud computing market evolves, Microsoft will play a role. This is a great strategy because it is not overly confrontational, it is not exploitative and it helps facilitate a goal in fast emerging market. If you need evidence in technology industry win-win situations, this is probably it.

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