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Intel’s Intel Inside™ Program Goes Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in technology today. Part of the reason why cloud computing is making such a big impact is the rise of tablet computers. As you are probably aware, if you use a tablet device, the actual software that you’re running on your tablet is actually very light. In fact in terms of total operation, the actual app on your tablet device is probably only a quarter or maybe even ten percent of the total capability that the app is capable of delivering. Where does the rest come from? You guessed it: the Cloud.

The tablet revolution has really made the cloud indispensable. Before the rise of tablet computing, cloud computing was basically just a suitable version of hosting or content-delivering networks. Well this is very important – the full depth and power of cloud computing was really brought to the front by tablet computing.

As we have mentioned earlier, Intel, the chip maker that powers most of the computers all over the world is in danger of becoming irrelevant. Why? Since you don’t really need a powerhouse processing chip to power a tablet, other chip makers are stealing the limelight from Intel when it comes to tablets. Up until very recently, Intel might have missed the boat in the shift of the computing habits to tablets.

As we keep recording, more and more people are using tablet devices instead of the traditional notebook and desktop computers. Although Intel dominates the latter platforms, it is in danger of becoming technologically irrelevant as most of the world moves over to the tablet platform.

This is the background for Intel’s latest initiative regarding its Intel Inside ™ corporate slogan. “Intel Inside” is one the most recognizable corporate slogans on the planet. It declares boldly where the Intel’s dominance in traditional computing. To make sure that its brand is still fresh in consumers’ mind even though they are migrating to the tablet platform, Intel has partnered with several companies that runs Intel-based servers to power their cloud operations.

You can see the variation on Intel Inside ™ in the cloud services. Instead of saying Intel Inside ™ it will tell that it is powered by Intel cloud technology – a smart move by Intel’s part and in terms of branding and advertising play. But at the end of the day, it will be all about staying relevant. Considering the stakes involved, Intel definitely needs to move heaven and earth to make sure that it doesn’t miss the boat to tablet revolution.

Intel is already laying off its people because less people are buying PCs. Let’s hope that Intel makes the move smoothly and, most importantly, drives the prices of tablet computers lower. If Intel is able to this, boosting the overall processing power of tablet computers will definitely benefit the consumers the world over.