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Edward Snowden Does it Again: NSA Gathers Millions of Text Messages Daily

You have to admit it, the revelations of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden is a security gift that keeps on giving. Seriously. We’ve already detailed some of the juicy tidbits of the NSA’s shenanigans. For example, we have reported that the NSA intercepts hardware being sent overseas and installs software in those hardware devices. In other words, the NSA can turn American hardware exports into listening devices. We have also reported how the NSA used malware to get into all sorts of computer networks all over the world. Usually, when you hear the word malware, it’s only scumbags and scammers that use such technology, and not the NSA. Another particularly annoying, although laughable, NSA initiative was that they’ve actually started creating accounts on World of Warcraft and other online games to listen in to potential terrorist groups hanging out on those virtual worlds to plot destruction in the real world. It may seem laughable but it’s no laughing matter. After all, itfs your tax dollars paying for this. And these are government assets actually being used to spy on people.
And, if you thought your SMS and text messages are relatively free from such snooping, guess again. According to the latest documents published from the materials released by Edward Snowden, it appears that according to these documents, in June of 2011, the NSA collected 194 million computer text messages a day. In addition to actual text messages, we are also talking about address book information, geo-location data, call roaming and a wide range of other data. The backers of the NSA can keep claiming until they are blue in the face that this information is not personally identifiable.

But seriously, who are they fooling? If you have all these information, it’s so easy to zero in on a particular target. It’s so easy to keep tabs on an otherwise unpopular group of people. Sure, everybody’s mad at terrorist today but anyone could just become part of the next marginalized group. This is just too much power in the hands of the government. There’s just too much trust being given to the government to undermined people’s privacy. This will not end well.