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Another Ride-sharing Accident Raises Doubts about Sharing Economy

One of the biggest economic consequences of the mobile app technology is that it allows people who have assets to share those assets for a fee. For example, if you have an extra room in your house, wouldn’t it be nice to share that room with the traveler who will pay you? It produces a win-win situation. The traveler enjoys a massive discount from a traditional hotel and you get some extra cash in the process. Everybody wins, right?

Well, this kind of model applies to many other assets that you may have, too – you may have a car that you could use to pick up passengers or you may have a machine that you can share as well. Regardless the type of asset that you have, it has become much easier to get customers for sharing them, thanks to mobile app technologies that allow pin pointing of locations.
When it comes to ride sharing, for example, traditional taxi and taxi operators are quite concerned with the rise of ride-sharing apps companies like Uber, Sidecar and Lyft. Their common argument is that these kinds of ride sharing systems are dangerous. Is it really dangerous? Who has been in a taxi before that has not been at risk of getting into an accident? Taxis that are involved in accidents become a big deal if they are provided by ride-sharing operators.

In one case in San Francisco, for example, a Lyft operator gets into a car accident and injures a pedestrian. Apparently, the person who was injured was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital. Her leg was only fractured, though – end of story. It’s pretty standard and this happens all the time, even with other taxis and rented vehicles. So what’s the big deal? Even if you do factor in the death of a little girl who was killed in a crash involving an Uber driver, you cannot argue around the fact that these types of accidents do not happen just because the person involved was a rideshare operator. It doesn’t mean that these kind of accidents happen more frequently in that case. The figures in the fatalities are high when it comes to accidents involving taxi drivers, regardless of how their services were gotten – that is a fact.

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