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Venturate Launches To Fill a Major Hole in the Venture Matchmaking Niche

Let’s face it, if you have a technology startup company, you need money. And depending on how big your vision is, you may need a lot of money. As difficult as raising venture funding may seem on your end, rest assured that things could start on the other end. That’s right – if you’re a venture capitalist, you are probably wrecking your brain as to which company to place your investment in. Make no mistake about it, if you have a lot of money, there will be a lot technology start-ups that would want to receive your money. So how’d you make a head or tails in many alternative opportunities that pop out in the market every single day?

There is an investment matchmaking service that you can try. AngelList has been around for a long time and it basically a involves a listing your start-up company and putting it right in front of the right venture capitalist or angel investor.
The problem with such a platform is that there is no advanced screening or consulting regarding the particular start-up. The problem with normal list-based systems is that you may have to seek through a lot of holes to find just one diamond. This is where the new venture start up start-up service Venturate comes in.

The venture actually involves paying a fee to get an assessment from a team of the investment annually. This team will think about the business model and take a look at your particular business opportunity. It looks into your business plan to see where your weaknesses and strong points are. Once you get feedback you can then tighten up your overall value proposition and then get listed.
The good thing about getting listed for Venturate is that firms and angel investors take at look at it. It also filters your business plan to the third party’s eyes. Your business plan must go through experts so they can see the feasibility of what it is that you’re trying to offer. This saves a lot of time on both ends. You can tighten up your business plans so you can offer a more powerful package.
For the investors, they gain some measure of confidence that they won’t be looking for a company that is just purely in the idea stage and with a lot floating assumptions. This means they can save a lot of time enough in trying to tighten up your plan before deciding to invest in it.

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