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Besides Target and Neiman Marcus Credit Info Hackers may have Hit Smaller Retailers

I hate getting reports that are intentionally ambiguous. But for the interest for public safety and online security, we’re just going to relay the report mentioned by Reuters.

According to Reuters’ anonymous sources, there are at least 3 smaller retailers that have been hit recently by data breaches. We are already aware of what happened to Target Corporation and Neiman Marcus. While it appears that, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, you shouldn’t walk away from this article thinking that this is the same hacking group that hit Target Corporation or Neiman Marcus. There even an open question whether it’s the same hacking group that hit Target and Neiman Marcus. It could possibly well be different hacking groups just taking advantage of the holiday season to hit brick and mortar retailers. Be that as it may, the same possible damage is at issue here. We’re not just talking about getting the expiration number of credit cards or there numbers and names and associated names. We’re talking also about the CVV, a security code at the back of the credit card. If you ever used a credit card to buy stuff online, you know that this is a serious serious problem. If people have your name, your credit card number, your credit cards expiration date and your CVV code, they could pretty much buy stuff online in your name and you end up taking the hit.

This is a very big deal and it should raise alarms. No wonder the American Secret service is on the case. You shouldn’t be surprised to see serious jail time for the hackers involved in the Target, Neiman Marcus and these latest data breaches. In an increasingly online world, mass data breaches like these is the last thing government agencies and authorities need. Expect the book to be thrown at someone.

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