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Zynga’s Woes Continue with Shutdown of Yoville

Zynga, the biggest name in social gaming, is, of course, well known for Farmville. But did you know that Farmville is actually a later spin off of an earlier game. That’s right. If you’re a big Farmville fan, you would be pleased to know that Farmville is actually based on Yoville.

Yoville pioneered certain game mechanics that was then applied to other games produced by Zynga. Well, as we’ve reported here earlier, Zynga has been going through a lot of bad news lately. The company is having a tough time making money. Moreover, it’s experience a lot of leadership issues and changes. To make matters words, it’s really having a tough time transitioning from being one of the best and most well-known Facebook game applications to mobile app application. This is why its total player user-based continues to decline.

Make no mistake about it, things are looking bad for Zynga. This is why it decided to shutdown Yoville. Yoville is a neat little game and it has a lot of fans. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough fan base for Zynga to keep it going. It appears that Zynga is consolidating its internal operations and trying to refocus on its strengths and conserve its resources to stage a comeback. It remains anyone’s guest whether Zynga can fully comeback considering the direction of the evolution of app games and mobile games in general.

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