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Target Data Breach Origin Identified

As we have reported earlier, the huge retail chain, Target, was hit hard by hackers. Hackers stole millions of customers credit card information. In fact, the theft was so thorough that a lot of concern was raised regarding the eventual illegal usage of these credit cards. At the very least, many target customers were inconvenience by having to get their account replaced, are getting cards reissued and dealing with the general hassle of credit card paperwork. Be that as it may, enterprising lawyers have already filed suit to address the situation. As we have written earlier, the only real winner of such class action suit are, guess what, the lawyers themselves.

Regardless, the possibility of legal exposure and a huge class action settlement should be a wake up call for many large brick and mortar retailers and sales institutions to be more proactive in guarding the integrity of their data. Well, it turns out that the reason how the way these hackers got a hold of this sensitive credit data was through the use of malware. Apparently, malware was used on a point of sale terminals. This is going to be a very dramatic development in wholesale hacking. This revelation might give other hacking groups ideas as on how to compromise retail services data networks. Still, this practice is not exactly new. Payment card scheming has been around for several years, In fact, in 2012 Barnes & Noble discovered that sixty of their locations hackers used keypads to compromise their data. Expect hackers to be a bit more sophisticated in the future.