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Paypal Makes Checkouts much Easier

Don’t you hate it when you go to online store and you pick out a particular product, you’re excited to buy the product, then you click to the checkout page? Once getting to the checkout page, you see that Paypal is an option. You click on the Paypal button but instead of processing your order right on the page. You are redirected to Paypal’s website. You then make sure that all the figures are right then you click the pay button and then Paypal works its magic. While this is all well and good, it is a hassle because you have to redirect back to the website where you place the order on. This happens all the time whether you’re buying domain names, t-shirts, shoes, comic books, writing services, transcription services, outsource services or eBooks and everything in between, you have to go through this process. From a consumers perspective, this can be quite inconvenient. It can actually be quite confusing if you’re not that tech savvy to begin with. From a merchants perspective, this is a possible sales hole. It’s bad enough that a large percentage of the people that fill up their shopping cards never make it to the checkout page. For a variety of reasons, they bounce out of your website before they can buy something. And when you send in your payments, you are redirected and all sorts of things can go wrong. So both sides aren’t exactly happy.

It’s a good sign that Paypal is paying attention. The company has announced that it will be simplifying online checkout. Once you get to the checkout page and you click pay with Paypal, you will no longer be redirected. In other words, you will no longer go from the merchants website to Paypal and then back again. You can do your whole transaction from the merchants website. If implemented correctly, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.