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Another Google Project Bites the Dust

You can’t win all the time. That’s the only saying that comes close to encapsulating the latest project shutdown announcement from Google. As we have reported many times before, Google is growing in terms of market presence and technology innovations and initiatives lately. It’s branched out into robotics. It’s branched out to hardware. It’s exploring airfare ticket price comparisons. It’s basically going all over the place. Google has a lot going for it.

However, just like with anything else in life, you can’t win all the time. Every time you get up to the plate and take a swing, you can’t expect to hit a home run. In fact, you can’t even expect to get a hit. It just doesn’t work that way. This is why it’s quite a reality check to find out that one of the Google’s initiatives from 2011 called the Schemer is being cancelled. Current users have until early February to request to download their data. After that time period, they will no longer be able to access the service because the service will be gone. Other stored Google flame outs include, of course, Google Buzz and Google reader. One thing that you can say about Google when it shuts down projects is that it doesn’t get rid of its people. They just get transferred to other projects.

Moreover, Google actually learns from its failures. Expect Google to come out bigger and better despite this latest setback. What was Schemer? Schemer was a mobile app that lets users share their bucket list or to do list with their friends. The whole idea behind this was that when you share your to do list with people you either inspire other people or you get inspired by other people who share the same to do list. In other words, you network around your shared interests. This is not much different from the underlying process not much different from Facebook timeline comments when you post things that you’re doing and then people give you feedback. In other words, Schemer had a strong social component.