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New Twitter Web Redesign Learns from Mobile Experience

Twitter redesign focuses on the mobile market to match the web presence.

Twitter redesign focuses on the mobile market to match the web presence.

Usually, when it comes to interface design websites, online publishers would normally tailor the look and feel of their mobile presence based on their web presence. In the case of Twitter, it’s the other way around. Twitter is tweeking the design of its website based on feedback and design points raised by its mobile presence. In other words, Twitter is trying to make sure that its web look and feel is consistent with and matches its mobile presence.

There are many ways to read this news. On a very superficial level, Twitter needs to generate headlines because it’s still staring at a massive loss. The company is not making any profits but its stock price is, puzzlingly enough, shooting through the roof. Usually people buy stocks when the underlying company is making money. In this case, it isn’t making any money but there is definitely a lot of buzz that’s keeping the price afloat. To justify the buzz, according to Sinex, you have to roll out press releases. In many other situations and cases, a web redesign isn’t really that big of a news. However, considering that it is Twitter that we’re talking about, it is news. From a cynical perspective, one can say that this is a key part of keeping the Twitter brand alive and in the public imagination. On a deeper level, we think that this is substantive news precisely due to the fact that mobile is driving the consumption of online media. We don’t see that changing. In fact, we see that growing. You only need to look at the sales figures of traditional computing devices like laptops and desktops to know that this is true.

If you want to be relevant in this day and age, you have to go mobile. And by making sure that its web presence matches its mobile presence, Twitter knows which side its digital bread is buttered on. It knows where the future is going. This is a solid move. It is definitely a step in the right direction. It would be bigger news and the worst kind of news if Twitter went the other way which is, it tried to have its web presence dictate its mobile presence.