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Is Google Flights Search Up for a Reboot?

Google is under way of updating their flight search services. Expanding search features through a deal with european Ryanair.

Google is under way of updating their flight search services. Expanding search features through a deal with european Ryanair.

As you probably already know, in the tech space, all sorts of business models go through many different phases. Obviously, everybody could relate to the roll out phase when we are treated to a whole new service. However, in the light of any typical online website service product, a market feedback would often necessitate key changes to that particular online product. This is true, of course, of Gmail, and You Tube, and other Google products.

It appears that Google’s air fare price comparison engine Google Flight service is rumored to be going through a reboot. What’s the big deal, you may ask. Well, what makes this different is that, Google Flight search might finally get around to being fixed. One key element that is lacking from this current Google service is that, it doesn’t have travel information from some of the biggest providers of flights in Europe. This is a major gap in its database. It appears that Google is close to sealing a deal with a major budget airline. Ryanair is one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe. If this deal pans out, according to reports, this can help Google Flight search bring a lot of meat to the table.

Price comparison among different airlines is a great thing but what would really seal the deal is if the price comparison engine actually has the inside scoop or inside track on getting really low plane fare from a particular provider. Of course, this is just the first step. Even if the Ryanair deal follows through, Google still has to make sure that other parts of its service is filled in. We’re talking about train information and other parts. Still, this is a great first start. After all, when people use flight comparison engines, they’re looking for the lowest prices.


  • MichaelSteve

    Im shocked google wants anything to do with Ryanair. For those that don’t know Ryanair is the major leech company of Europe. Bad employment terms, dictatorship like management and bad customer service.

  • Nancy Lee

    As a technical analyst of various reputed engineering colleges in India, I should say thanks to the author of this post for sharing the new deal of Google Inc (update of flight search services) with Ryanair airlines of Europe.Despite, Ryanair has few negativities; the new deal will give good benefits and further popularity to Google search engine giant.