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Snapchat Finally Figures Out How to Say Mea Culpa

The big apology everyone was waiting for from Snapchat seems to have happened, if it's enough is another question.

The big apology everyone was waiting for from Snapchat seems to have happened, if it’s enough remain to be seen.

As we have mentioned earlier, the temporary picture and media sharing mobile platform Snapchat, raised a lot of eye brows recently. It wasn’t so much the data breach regarding its members that got technology industry observers talking about Snapchat. Security breaches can happen to the best of us. They are a big headaches and they sure are embarrassing but they happen. That’s not the big problem. The big thing was that the chief executive of Snapchat didn’t really apologize or at least didn’t apologize strongly enough for the tech community to gain some sort peace of mind regarding this security breach. This failure to step up and issue a strong apology got a lot of talk going in the blogosphere. Some were saying that Snapchat’s management team is simply not ready for prime time. Others are saying that they have to mature some more. While even others were saying that it’s a kind of a reflection of some sort of ego issue. Who knows the real story? But the good news is that, Snapchat finally fall on appology for the hack and it will be interesting to see how Snapchat can get over and move on from this hacking snafu.

We suspect that Snapchat will recover nicely. This is not the issue of Snapchat. The issue with Snapchat is more of its utility and its reason for being. It wouldn’t take long for an established social media player or platform to implement Snapchat’s features for Snapchat to basically lose its reasons for meaning. This is why from a certain perspective Snapchat could be viewed as one trick pony.

Be that its may, this mobile app does pack a lot of users. We’re not talking small time here. Snapchat defenitely gets a lot of traffic. No wonder Facebook try to snap it up with a multi billion dollar offer. It remains to be seen whether Snapchats decision to turn down that offer was a wise one.