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Apple Loses Attempt to Block Monitor of eBook Ruling

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Since last year Apple was monitored by the US Justice Department for their foul price setting on eBooks. Now they losed an attempt of blocking the monitoring of their eBook ruling.

Last year, Apple got into all sorts of legal hot water when the U.S. Justice Department filed suit against the hardware manufacturer and five of the leading book publishers in the United States. According to the suit, the companies conspired to try and break the market hold enjoyed by Amazon through its Kindle reader program.

As you probably already know, Amazon is the market leader in eBooks, thanks to its Kindle product. The Kindle reader enables anyone to read books easily and also to download books very conveniently. Considering that Amazon is the top online bookseller in the world, the Kindle program really benefited from Amazons market positioning. Well, Apple tried to get into that market but its basically having a tough time. And according to the US Department of Justice law suit, it tried to get into the market by foul means. It is against the law to set prices as a means of getting a competitive advantage. As part of the judgment against Apple based on that previous suit, the judge hearing the case appointed a monitor that will keep tabs on Apple’s activities regarding this situation. The monitor process was to last two years. This is a much better deal than the five injunction that Apple was facing.

So you would think that Apple would cooperate with the court appointed monitor? You would be absolutely wrong. In fact, Apple requested to put the monitoring process on hold until the original ruling makes its way to the appeals process. Apparently, the judge who instituted the monitor rejected Apples request. It remains to be seen if Apples appeal will be successful.

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