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Little Girl’s Death Might Be the Beginning of the End For Uber?

PR nightmare for the Uber smartphone app when 6 year old girl gets hit by car affiliated with Uber.

PR nightmare for the Uber smartphone app when 6 year old girl gets hit by car affiliated with Uber.

Uber is a very popular ride sharing app. You download this app and the app will figure out your city and connect you with an Uber partner. This Uber partner is basically sharing his car to drive you to where you need to go. If you think this is going to impact taxi companies, you are absolutely correct. This is why Uber is facing so much flock getting a regulatory permission in many municipal markets in Metropolitan markets in the United states. In the big scheme of things, its win-win situation for people making to make money off their cars. If you have a car, chances are, all that gas that you’re paying for or all that insurance costs you’re carrying and all that maintenance is basically being wasted because you are just transporting yourself however if you become Uber partner and you pick up passengers on your way to work, you could actually make quite a bit of money especially if you stick with a fairly regular schedule and a fairly regular route. This is the promise of Uber and other ride sharing apps like sidecar and Lyft.

Well as you can well imagine, this business model is gaining a lot of investors attention, Uber has raised millions of dollars in investor funding. Still, the controversy hasn’t completely lifted from this company because taxi companies are saying that Uber is actually an unsafe model for getting rides in Metropolitan areas. The critics of Uber, Sidecar and Lyft are just waiting for something bad happen to either a passenger or a pedestrian. Thanks to these partners, well it seem like that bad news has happen. An Uber-affiliated driver in San Francisco hit 6-year old pedestrian girl. This is bad news. Uber has confirmed that the driver was not providing ride sharing services at that time and that they have deactivated his account. It may be too little too late. Why? This is a public relations nightmare for ride sharing apps. The whole point of a highly regulated and license local taxi industry is the fact that these people are professionals. These people are supposed to own and operate their vehicle in such a way that maximizes consumer protection and road safety.

By opening up this industry to just anybody who just wants to make extra money on the side giving people lifts, is opening all sorts of safety risks in the future according to taxi operators. Lets see how Uber deals with this public relations meltdown. This may be the opening of a long and extended problem related to otherwise, more open and more informal ride sharing industry. All facilitated by a mobile app.

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