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Is It Official? Google Thinks Ezine Articles Backlinks Are Spam

Promoting your website through ezines and receiving backlinks from such sites might officially be seen as spam now.

Promoting your website through ezines and receiving backlinks from such sites might officially be seen as spam now.

Flashback five years ago, back in 2008, the world was such an uncomplicated place. There was fairly easy for anyone to come up with a list of keywords that advertisers would pay a lot of money for. The person would then use Google to find related keywords for these high value keywords. The person would then hire writers from India and the Philippines to create contents based on these keywords. Using all sorts of software, the enterprising online publisher/entrepreneur would create back links using press releases and Ezine articles to point featuring the main keywords of these pages. Using these techniques, it was very easy to make a lot of money through the internet.

The miraculous thing about all of these is that you made money without having to resort to promoting penis enlargement pills, pornography or gambling. In the eyes of many online entrepreneurs, this was the golden age. Of course, just like with any golden age, it was bound to come crashing down and void did it come crashing down especially with the back to back releases of Google’s anti spam algorithm updates. First came Google Panda which cracks down low quality website content. Next came Google Penguin which looks for the spammy back link building patterns then came Google Hummingbird with its context related tweaks.

Well, the bloodshed continues to this day and more and more people still are finding themselves out of Google’s good graces. Thanks to Google Penguin 2.1. It appears that Google is serious about bad back link sources. The head of its web spam team Matt Cutts is already on the record for saying that writing articles just to get backlinks will get you penalized. Also, he said that releasing press releases just to get backlinks will not just fail to help you but might also work against you on Google. Well, it looks like Matt Cutts was not lean on this key. He was serious and how serious was he? Well, if you have Google webmaster tools activated with your gmail account, log in to Google webmaster tools, you would see that it uses a natural link examples and these are natural link examples include one press release link and one link from ezine articles.

This is seriously bad news for people who are stubborn and stick to using article directories for back link building purposes. If you are still doing things this way, you might wanna stop now. In fact, you might want to disavow your links because it’s bad news. Google is on the war path and you might get penalized. Consider yourself warned. Ezine articles may be a good idea if you had it more editorial control but considering the fact that Google is using it as an example of a bad link source, is pretty much all the news flash you need to start looking for other back link sources.

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