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YouTube Wants To Go To The Next Level But Are You Ready?

Youtube starts looking at 4K resolutions but is this something consumers really want?

Youtube starts looking at 4K resolutions but is this something consumers really want?

You really can’t blame Google for dreaming big. This is a company that has taken a lot of big gambles in the past. It dramatically reinvented email and online applications. It has changed the way we handle applications and how we view videos. It has some seriously good idea regarding the future technology. With that said, Google has also struck out in the past. Remember Google Reader? How about Google Buzz? Google’s entire project portfolio is lathered to the digital cortices of half-baked ideas, digital abortions and ideas that never sold the light of day. That’s life in the big digital city. That’s the way Google rolls. Its easy to celebrate a home run but behind every success, often times, is a long string of failures. Google knows it and thank goodness for Google, it has the deep pockets to finance such experimentation. This is what you need to keep in mind when processing Google’s 4K video initiative. This is not pie in the sky. Everybody wants to have a better video.

The sad truth is when you check out a YouTube video, a lot of those videos are very brainy and they’re really low quality. In fact even the many of the videos that are presented as HD had really low quality and this really goes a long way in degrading Google’s overall brand equity. Be that as it may, Google is not taking this lying down that’s why it’s launching its 4K video initiative. 4K is a format that features a resolution that is 4 times higher than regular HD. The resolution for 4K is 3840 x 2160 versus HDs typical resolution of 1920 x 10080. Talk about a massive improvement. The problem is, would people really want it? Sure, people everybody wants to watch very crisp and clear video for YouTube, who wouldn’t? However, the question boils down to what kind of price are you willing to pay to see such videos? The sad truth is not everybody has a fast enough internet connection to be even been able to think about paying the price. You really have to have a really fast internet connection too Enjoy this or else you will be waiting for your video to load for a long time.

Still, we’re betting that Google has more than even chance of pulling this up. Why? Well, you remember the year 2001, around that year, many DSL and cable companies started laying pot pipes for data transmission. A lot of people were giving them a hard time because back then, most of the internet didn’t feature a video. a lot of these critics were saying these phone companies were wasting their money because this pot pipes will remain empty since most websites just have pictures and texts. Well, thanks to the rise of porn sites graphics heavy websites and video heavy websites like YouTube, those dues eventually got filled. In fact, a lot of that bandwidth is laughable now. Now, we have much faster bandwidth, thanks to fiber connections.

So, YouTube’s 4K initiative might actually be right on the money because it’s content that drives hardware, not the other way around. It should definitely be very interesting to watch in the near future however one thing that this real threat to 4K setup adoption is the fact that most people don’t have TV sets that would play this high resolution. If you’re talking 4K, you have to play it on TV but most people don’t have such a TV and so maybe this is a run up to Google TV, who knows. Still, it’s a bad idea to bet against Google when it comes to the direction of technology.