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The SEO Game Has Gotten Even Harder Thanks To Impending Crackdown On Stupid Articles

How to complicate an otherwise simple action as pouring milk. How spammers use the toolbox results for their own gain.

How to complicate an otherwise simple action as pouring milk. How spammers use the toolbox results for their own gain.

Sometimes when it comes to SEO conventions, it pays to pay attention to not just the main things participants are saying but also to examples that they use. You have to read between the lines. You have to look at the implications. In fact, the real big news is not so much the actual information that is consciously being shared but the implications of the unconscious selection of examples. Case in point, one of the examples used by the head of Google’s web team Matt Cutts involved an article on how to pour milk. Seriously, I’m not making this up. People are actually creating articles based on the spiritually complex and mind boggling intricacy of pouring milk.

Why are people doing this? Well it’s obvious, people ask a lot of questions online and some questions, be it dumb and obvious questions, are being asked a lot while most of us already know the answers to these questions and they really are not begging somebody to write a long drawn out treaties on the subject. People looking to manipulate Google’s search rankings have sought in on this searches and actually made detailed articles around them. This is why, Matt Cutts got quite a bit of laughs when he showed a page explaining how to pour a glass of milk. The big take away for this kind of news, however, is that Google is wise to these tricks. It is aware that people are sniping Google pre-filled search results. It’s aware that there are many overly complicated articles made out there for fairly simple and self explanatory search queries.

So where will this lead to? Well, your guess is as good as mine but it really doesn’t take a genius to realize that since the head of web spam designated such actions as constituting spamming that we are basically going to be seeing some sort of penalty in the near future. Should this really be a surprise? It shouldn’t because as Google continues to tighten the screws on spammers, it will continue to drill down into the otherwise murky and intricate toolbox that search engine spammers use so expect some sort of enforcement action on Google’s part on self explanatory shallow and overly complicated articles and content created to harvest fairly innocuous search queries.

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