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Did Google Just Get On The Acqui-Hire Bandwagon?

Google acquires Bit Spin Alarm clock app for an undisclosed amount.

Google acquires Bit Spin Alarm clock app for an undisclosed amount.

As we have written several times on this blog, Yahoo has been on an Aqui-hire tear lately. In fact, the vast majority of its “latest ” acquisitions has actually been aimed at hiring the talent behind certain web properties of technology that Yahoo acquired. This is a smart move for Yahoo because the mobile app space is a fast evolving space and the current skill set and talent pool at Yahoo may not have enough people to service the need for such a fast growing space. As a result, Yahoo expands itself in the position of buying out companies not so much for the products that they owned but for the talents and skills behind the products.

As we have mentioned earlier, this might be the smart way to go because it’s probably cheaper to go this route and also, allows Yahoo a lot of speed instead of hiring people, training them and having them prove themselves. By buying out companies and paying a bit of a premium, Yahoo gets people that it knows can get the job done. Well, it may appear that Google might be on the same trajectory with its buyout of Bit Spin. Bit Spin is the company behind the app Timely. Timely is an alarm clock app which allows people to set alarms by swiping a finger on the edge of a screen. It also allows for customizable appearances of clocks and many different alarm options. While it’s quite a nice app and definitely very practical, it’s nothing to write home about. It’s not as sexy as some other apps.

Be that as it may, the fact that Google bought this company might indicate that Google might be going on the Acqui-hire bandwagon. While the verdict is still out whether Google did buy out this company for the brains behind it or not, one clue is the fact that the app is still available. The other clue is the wording of the Bit Spin team. The wording is kind of ambiguous as to whether it got bought out because Google wants to continue the company and build up the company or it got bought out because of the skill sets of the people. Be that as it may, this is a very interesting development. Also, it’s scary as well for developers out there that aren’t part of a company. For developers that just want to get a job at Google, this might be another hurdle because if more companies go this way, then anybody who’s not an associate of the company may get a tougher time to get the job.